Gold Range

Discontinued as of 1 January 2016.
Gold cards cover multi-country areas called XL9 (XG in the Americas) or other configurations known as Small. See coverage.

Nautical Chart

Essential cartographic reference detail, including data from public and private sources, as well as our own surveys. Easy-to-use, interactive display, allowing to consult port plans, select safety depth contours, access marine services and other useful details.


Community Edits

Benefit from hundred of thousands of edits made by the Navionics Community viewable on select GPS chartplotters.


Freshest Data

Take advantage of daily updates. Download Freshest Data free for 1 year!
If your card was bundled with your plotter, click here.


After 12 months update your Gold with Navionics Updates which upgrades you to Navionics+



For a full list of compatible plotters check Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Pacific | Americas


Check out our WebApp to see Nautical Chart and SonarChart included with Navionics+.


Plus Tabs Display

By order of the Hong Kong Government SAR we have removed all data originating from them. Navionics has applied for a license but regrettably their response is they do not permit any third party to sell their cartographic data.  We will continue to pursue a suitable remedy.  For any further details please directly contact Mr. Michael CM CHAU, Deputy Hydrographer, Marine Department, Hong Kong Government SAR